Assessable Value for Customs Duty

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(A) Assessable value for Customs duty = Assessable value of goods for the purpose of assessing the amount of Customs Duty is calculated in the following way:

First, the CIF Value is determined = Cost (price actually paid or payable)+ Freight (if not known, 20% of FOB value) + Insurance cost (if actual insurance cost is not known, it is 1% of C& F value)

Then landing charge is added with the CIF value. Landing charge is assessed as 1% of CIF value

Example: For a certain import, let C&F cost = Tk. 100


                                    Insurance cost = Tk. 1 (1% of C&F) or actual 

                                    CIF cost = Tk. 101 (C&F + Insurance)

                                    Landing charge = Tk. 1.01 (1% of CIF) 

                                   Assessable value = Tk. 102.01                     

Now, if the Customs Duty rate is 10%, then Customs Duty will be 10% of Tk. 102.01, which is Tk. 10.20

(B) Supplementary Duty (SD): Like VAT, Supplementary Duty (SD) is calculated on a cumulative basis. In other words, SD is computed on the duty paid value. 

Therefore, the basis for calculation of SD will be: Assessable value + Customs Duty + Regulatory Duty (if any).  

Example:  if SD rate is 25%, the basis for calculation of SD in the previous example will be as follows:

102.01 (Assessable value) + 10.20 (Customs Duty at the rate of 10% flat rate) + 4.08 (Regulatory Duty at the rate of 4% flat rate) = Tk. 116.29

The computed value of SD will be: 116.29 * 25% = Tk. 29.0725